Having an Off Day?

This movie has been playing on a loop in our house…and the songs are in our car. It’s a Plosker Jr. favorite at the moment. To be honest, I kinda love it too. When the day is challenging, I think of this little troll who takles everything including what looks like a severe anaphylactic reaction to a berry, to help her peeps. If she can do it, so can we. Just make sure your epi-pen is handy if you’re going to be eating random things off trees.

Natural is Beautiful Too

This song overwhelms me with emotion every time I hear it and the video bumps it up a notch. When I started with natural products over 7 years ago, I listened to this to give me confidence since I wasn’t looking as glamorous with my homemade charcoal eyeliner and lipstick as I did with the store-bought stuff. Today I play this song for my young daughter and to be honest, I still need it too.

The World Needs You

You have a light to share with the world. It can be hard to summon up the courage to put ourselves out there, but the world needs you. Listen to this song by India Arie and be inspired.